When Your Business Starts to Slide Towards Bankruptcy: Talk to an Attorney

business bankruptcy

Are you thinking of filing for bankruptcy? This is the kind of issue that you should never try to decide without legal counsel. The pitfalls of signing agreements with your creditors without understanding what you are agreeing to should be obvious.

The more legal options you are informed about, the better. A firm of expert DFW Texas bankruptcy lawyers can help you choose the appropriate form of bankruptcy to file. They can also suggest alternatives that will save you from having to take this step.

How Can DFW Texas Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You?

Pronske & Kathman are the DFW Texas bankruptcy lawyers who can help you avoid having to risk losing it all. We can give you expert legal assistance to keep out of bankruptcy.

Your best bet under the circumstances is to arrange for a mediation between you and your creditors. By doing so, you may be able to agree on a payment plan that keeps you financially solvent while also satisfying the demands of your creditors.

You also need to be fully aware of the options that you have under bankruptcy. Under Chapter 7, you may risk losing all of your non-exempt property. Under Chapter 13, you keep your property but must agree to a timely repayment plan that your creditors will also sign off on.

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Pronske & Kathman are the leading bankruptcy law firm in Dallas. We can help you mediate your case with your creditors in order to avoid filing for bankruptcy. If you are forced to file, we will back you through every step of the process.

Bankruptcy can be a long and arduous process that is always best avoided if possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what a bankruptcy law firm in Dallas can do to help you.