What you need to know if you file for bankruptcy


It’s quite common to need to delay making a monthly payment or two, especially if your hours at work have been cut or if there has been an emergency in your family. If you reach the point of getting so far behind that you’re not able to get caught back up on your payments, then you might want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Pronske & Kathman, bankruptcy lawyers in Dallas TX, can discuss the options that you have and approach the court to assist with filing and keeping as many of your belongings as possible.

Although it might sound as though it would be easy to file a document stating that you’re unable to pay your bills and that you need some kind of relief, the bankruptcy process isn’t that simple. It can sometimes last for six months of longer as the creditors need to be contacted and arrangements need to be made to ensure that the creditors receive some type of payment. Pronske & Kathman, bankruptcy lawyers in Dallas TX, can assist with talking to creditors on your behalf and handling payments that are made to ensure that they reach the proper companies. Your attorney can also maintain a file that includes creditors who have been paid off so that you can have the proper documentation if it’s needed.

Be prepared for your finances to be thoroughly examined. The court will want to know how much income you have and why you’re unable to make the payments that you have. Creditors can also ask questions during meetings as they want to know when and how they will have the bills that are owed paid over time. During the bankruptcy process, you should try to be as honest as possible, knowing that your attorney can offer advice at all times about the information you should disclose and what you should hold back.