What Types of Repayment Plans are Available Through Bankruptcy?

repayment for your bankruptcy

The number of options available in bankruptcy for repayment of debt are somewhat limited, but they can always be altered depending on the type of Dallas bankruptcy lawyers that you have working for you. It is always advisable to get Dallas bankruptcy lawyers such as Pronske & Kathman to make sure you get the very best help available. 

Various debts are treated in different ways when you are in bankruptcy. There are debts known as “priority debts” and other debts that are not treated as top priorities in bankruptcy court according to Pronske & Kathman. The next rung of debts under priority debts are those that are secured by something. Below those, in the lowest priority, are unsecured debts such as credit card debts. 

What you will quickly learn from dealings with Pronske & Kathman is that there are certain debts that are not removed through bankruptcy, but some are. Eliminating the debts that you don’t have to legally pay back is important. There are some debts that you may not have to pay back in full. If that is the case, then you should pay back only what you owe. 

You are never going to get this kind of treatment if you don’t work with top-flight attorneys who work on these types of cases all the time. They know how to look over the particulars of your case and see what pleadings they can make to the court to help you owe as little money as legally possible. It is an upward battle the whole time, but it is a battle that you have virtually zero chance of winning by yourself if you don’t have an attorney. It is that simple, and it is that important for you to get things done right the first time. You do not get a second chance at doing these things right, so make sure you get it done properly. Contact our office today.