What Role Does a Bankruptcy Mediator Play in My Case?

bankruptcy mediator

Finding oneself in the middle of a bankruptcy is never a place that one wants to be. It gets even harder when the topic drags in a lot of topics that one doesn’t understand or fully comprehend. That is why anyone going through a bankruptcy should consider hiring the firm of Pronske & Kathman to do their bidding when it comes to getting through the bankruptcy. 

Dallas bankruptcy mediation is one step in the process that most people have to go through. They are going to need some assistance with elements of the bankruptcy that they might not have contemplated before. For example, most people require a Dallas bankruptcy mediation in order to get some of their most angry lenders off their back. 

Pronske & Kathman knows that their clients are always at odds with the lenders that bring them into court. They must bring everything they have to the fight because there is no love lost between the lenders and those who are now dragging them into bankruptcy court. It can definitely seem intimidating, but the truth is that most people who go to this extreme can get a great lawyer from Pronske & Kathman to fight for them. 

The bankruptcy mediator is there to facilitate communication between the two sides. The only purpose of the mediator is to try to move the conversation towards a productive place. If they can accomplish that, then they will have done their job. 

The mediator in this case is not in favor of one party in the case over another. They only seek to help bring the two sides closer together where they can start to make some progress on the case. The courts rely on these individuals to be impartial and hopefully bring about a solution that can be agreed to by all sides. They know that this is not easy to do when so many emotions are entangled in these cases, but it is a lot easier to do this than to try to jam up the courts with too many cases.

Those struggling with bankruptcy should contact Pronske & Kathman immediately to determine your best options moving forward.