Studio Movie Grill files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Studio Movie Grill’s theaters, which are now operating at reduced capacity, will remain open during the restructuring process. If you are a business considering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, contact the Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys at Pronske & Kathman, P.C. for help today.

This Week’s Bankruptcy’s

For those who have faced financial hardship, it difficult to deal with debt. Fortunately for many debtors, bankruptcy can provide a way out. The Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys at Pronske & Kathman, P.C. vast mediation experience, training, skills and creativity can help to get your case settled. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Ray’s American Karate…

Oliya Tacos LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Oliya Tacos LLC filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Call the Dallas Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys at Pronske & Kathman, P.C. today if your business is facing bankruptcy. We can help!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed to File for Bankruptcy Due to the Pandemic

Pronske & Kathman are working bankruptcy attorneys in DFW. The quality of the professionals handling a bankruptcy case in important. Consider carefully what attorney you choose to hire for your job. We want to be the attorneys that you pick. Bankruptcy is a frustrating reality. However, it is not something that you should be ashamed…

Why Bankruptcy isn’t as Scary as it Sounds

More people today are going through significant financial challenges than ever before. This has put on a lot of strain, which could make it impossible to meet all of your financial obligations. While declaring bankruptcy could be the best option available for your situation, some people could be scared of the process. While declaring bankruptcy…

What you need to know if you file for bankruptcy

It’s quite common to need to delay making a monthly payment or two, especially if your hours at work have been cut or if there has been an emergency in your family. If you reach the point of getting so far behind that you’re not able to get caught back up on your payments, then…

How to Determine If Bankruptcy Is Right for You

Bankruptcy is a complicated process that will make you go through a plethora of options before you make a decision. The highlight is that you can get an attorney from Pronske & Kathman, P.C., to help you with the case. The expert will have a closer look at your debts and assets to give you…

Stein Mart Closing All Locations due bankruptcy and the Pandemic.

Stein Mart Closing All Locations due bankruptcy and the Pandemic. If your business is facing bankruptcy call the Dallas Bankruptcy attorneys at Pronske & Kathman, P.C. today! We can help.

Hertz Prepares for Bankruptcy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. is preparing for a possible bankruptcy filing after the rental-car company failed to make lease payments to preserve cash amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to people familiar with the matter. Read more here regarding the case:

2 Bankrupt Hospitals in Maine Fear They Will Need to Close Soon

Two bankrupt Maine hospitals have warned that they could both have to close their doors by the end of June if they don’t receive funding through a federal loan program meant to help small businesses keep their staff employed through the coronavirus crisis. Read more at the link above.