Can Mediation Work for My Bankruptcy Case?

Can Mediation Work for My Bankruptcy Case

Going through bankruptcy proceedings is never ideal. Though clearing out one’s debts might be the goal, actually going to court may not necessarily be ideal. You may, for example, want to try mediation. According to the Dallas bankruptcy mediators at Pronske & Kathman, you may want to consider the factors below if you are considering bankruptcy mediation.

The truth is that mediation is a wonderful resource, but that it won’t work in every case. It doesn’t just depend on your situation, either – it often depends on how willing your creditors are to work with you as well as the dynamics of everyone in the room. Mediation can – and should – work in many cases, but it’s largely a matter of learning how to manage your expectations, figuring out how to collaborate, and ultimately learning how to bring the right kind of help with you into the room.

The best way to get something out of a bankruptcy mediation is to bring an experienced attorney with you. He or she is valuable for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that bringing along an attorney can make your creditors take you more seriously. A good lawyer will also help you to put your thoughts into more legally relevant terms and will be able to help you negotiate in a manner that can better help you to get your point apart. Good attorneys are invaluable in mediation because they are better able to look at the situation and to understand the consequences for all involved.

Will mediation work for your bankruptcy case? There are too many variables in play to give a simple answer, but you will always have better odds if you bring an experienced attorney with you. If you feel like you are heading towards bankruptcy or you need representation during mediation, make sure to contact the Dallas bankruptcy mediators
at Pronske & Kathman for guidance.