Benefits of Bankruptcy Mediation

Benefits of Bankruptcy Mediation

Filing for bankruptcy is never easy. It’s an option that should only be used as a last resort as well. It’s a complex process, but bankruptcy mediation can help to simplify things, so the outcome is satisfactory for both parties. There are a few benefits of bankruptcy mediation you should know.


Mediation in bankruptcy is a faster process. A session date and time is set and overseen by a mediator while someone represents each party. The issue of bankruptcy is addressed during the session so that precious time can be saved before the case goes to court.


Mediation is a process that’s fair to both parties. It allows them to work with their creditors and come to a reasonable agreement that works for all parties. It is also more affordable and allows for an acceptable amount for the creditors to be paid back.

More Flexible

When you rely on bankruptcy mediation, you can enjoy the benefit of more flexibility. You get the opportunity to work with your creditors, which may be able to help save your business as the creditor can put off the full debt owed. With mediation, you can establish a repayment plan that works for you and allows your business to remain.

More Control

Mediation in bankruptcy gives both parties more control over the situation. You are free to negotiate what works for both parties and come to a conclusion that can benefit your business in the long run.

Retains Relationships

When you file for regular bankruptcy, it can take a toll on your relationship with the other party or parties involved. However, mediation can help and can help you to retain your relationships.

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